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The granddaughter of Santa Claus, Chrissie, works five action-packed weeks a year. Clad in a skimpy rendition of Santa's traditional apparel she bravely fights the perennial crop of opportunists and evildoers who attempt to disrupt holiday festivities. By December 26, 2013 she needs a vacation. Upon arrival at the Indianhead Ski Lodge Chrissie pens a few postcards to close friends and then relaxes into the candle-lit, wood-panelled ambiance of her chosen destination. A fiendish stranger manages to intercept one of her missives, pinpoint Chrissie's exact location, and trail her into the polar vortex. Gleefully he sets up surveillance equipment which records her every move. To his utter delight Chrissie's naughty post-Xmas antics potentially spell doom for her continued career as a yuletide crusader. How will the Claus family prevent him from releasing the footage?? Can Xmas 2014 be saved?

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